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Merchant Services

In order to better serve the customer needs of a standard retail store, restaurant
or lodging business you need to consider using WCBs Merchant Service Program. Customers are more and more choosing to pay for a service with some sort of credit card, check card or debit card. This not only helps the customer shopping your place of business, but accommodates you, the merchant, for speed of payment.

Ask one of our Customer Service Representatives about how to sit up a Merchant Account. You will be able to collect your payment for services rendered by swiping one of these cards through an electronic terminal. Our program offers electronic terminals that you may lease or purchase. If you are not ready for electronics we also have a program that works as a Touchtone system by calling a 800-number for verification of payment.

Call your local Branch for more details and pricing and be on the way to faster collection of payments from your customer sales.